* Fixed: Unable to print or download applications when number fields are in the application form.
* Minor bug fixes and code improvements.


  • Minor bug fixes and code improvements.

PRO v3.2.5

  • Fixed: Files url issue in printed application PDF.
  • Fixed: Star rating issue for the applications in safari browser.
  • Update: Dropzone latest version.
  • Minor bug fixes.

PRO v3.2.4

  • Fixed: HTML content issue in notification mails for some installations.
  • Fixed: Custom key not working for application status settings.
  • Fixed: Date and time issue for the application submission email.
  • Improved: Notifications customizer settings to add background color for email.
  • Minor bug fixes.

PRO v3.2.3

  • Fixed: Application status not getting updated when the status label is long.
  • Improved: Application status settings.
  • Minor bug fixes.

PRO v3.2.2

  • Fixed: License issue with duplicated or cloned websites (Update in Freemius SDK).
  • Fixed: Form submission error and empty application issue when attachments failed to generate proper metadata.
  • Fixed: Drag and Drop file uploading issues in Windows systems.
  • Fixed: Uploading issue with documents exported with Google.
  • Improved: Filled class support for the expired job listing.
  • Dev: Added functions for better debugging.
  • Minor bug fixes and code improvements.

PRO v3.2.1

  • Improved: Shortcode builder. Support for job status for job listing shortcode.
  • Bug fixes and code improvements.

PRO v3.2.0

  • Added: Advanced settings to manage application status (Settings > Advanced) with the option to send notification automatically on status change.
  • Added: HTML editor support for notifications.
  • Added: Country-based input option for phone fields.
  • Added: Filled admin filter and filled post state for jobs.
  • Fixed: 'Disable Form' issue in application shortcode.
  • Improved: Form builder error handling.
  • Improved: Elementor popup support for the application form.
  • Dev: Repeater field support (programmatically) for the application form.
  • Dev: Hooks to customize the export page.
  • Dev: Hooks to customize job display options.
  • Other minor bug fixes and style improvements.

PRO v3.1.1

  • Fixed: Drag and drop file fields conflict with other plugins.
  • Security fixes and code improvements.
  • Improved: Custom Button (Job Display Options > Application Form) options.

PRO v3.1.0

  • Added: Restrict Duplicate Applications support (Settings > Form > General > Application form options).
  • Added: Shortcodes for Jobs count and Job Specifications (Settings > Shortcodes).
  • Added: Elementor popup support for form shortcode.
  • Improved: Form builder error handling.
  • Dev: Added hooks to customize administrative pages.
  • Code improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

PRO v3.0.0

  • Admin UI improvements.
  • Added: Multiple Forms Support (Settings > Form > Form Builder).
  • Added: Order by and Order support for job listing shortcode (Settings > Shortcodes).
  • Added: Applications by Status Overview widget.
  • Added: Month, Week, and Day-based filters for Applications Analytics widget.
  • Added: Position Filled feature.
  • Added: Options to change job detail strings (Settings > Appearance > Change Strings > Job Detail Strings).
  • Added: Export Applications by Job Listing or Application Form.
  • Added: Unicode character support for application print feature.
  • Fixed: Conflict with Yoast SEO plugin, resulting in blank or duplicate applications.
  • Fixed: Placeholder not working in the application form.
  • Improved: Content handling based on user capabilities.
  • Dev: Improved the hook to customize the print styles for applicant details.
  • Code improvements.
  • Other minor bug fixes.